E  N  G  A  G  I  N  G,    E  N  C  O  U  R  A  G  I  N  G    &   E  N  D  O  R  S  I  N  G
W  O  M  E  N     I  N     P  U  B  L  I  C    O  F  F  I  C  E 
Women in Numbers (WIN) is a nonpartisan organization established to engage, encourage and endorse qualified women to be elected to public office. Since our founding in 1992, WIN has become a growing force by endorsing more than 300 candidates and contributing to their campaigns. WIN relies upon membership, fundraising events and sponsors to make this possible. 
Women have made strides in the workplace; we are leaders in our businesses, communities and homes. However, women are still underrepresented in elected office. Women are 51% of the voting population, yet hold a mere 20% of the public office positions. WIN is committed to changing that statistic.

As one of the only nonpartisannon-issue-based political advocacy groups, WIN’s mission is to engage women in civic discourse, encourage women to run for office and endorse qualified women who choose to run.
Why is WIN important to us? 
•Since our founding in 1992, WIN has become a growing force by endorsing more than 200 candidates and contributing more than $225,000 to their campaigns

•WIN encourages informed voting through our Salon program which engages the community and fosters conversation among civic-minded individuals.

•WIN offers training to women who are interested in seeking office, but don’t know where to start.

•WIN brings together women, candidates and the community to network and build a system of support. 

•WIN honors the legacy of women who have gone before us, blazing a trail to public office.

•WIN endorses women who are equipped to run a successful campaign and win an elected office.
We want to know why WIN is important to you. So tell us, Why WIN?

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