E  N  G  A  G  I  N  G,    E  N  C  O  U  R  A  G  I  N  G    &   E  N  D  O  R  S  I  N  G
W  O  M  E  N     I  N     P  U  B  L  I  C    O  F  F  I  C  E 

Women in Numbers (WIN) is a nonpartisan organization established to engage, encourage and endorse qualified women to be elected to public office. 

After the 1991 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in which Anita Hill testified in front of an all-male committee, WIN's founders realized they needed to raise money to elect women and change the agenda. Since its founding in 1992, WIN has become a growing force by endorsing more than 200 candidates and contributing to their campaigns. WIN relies upon membership, fundraising events and sponsors to make this possible. 

Beyond financial contributions, WIN hosts educational forums to give women the guidance and tools they need to engage in the political process and run a viable campaign. Similarly, in 2012, WIN launched the WIN Salon Series to engage the community and foster conversation among civic-minded individuals.
Danielle Spence, President

​Brittany Pride, President Elect

Becky Bienen
Shayla Black
Cassie Chapman
Anna Catherine Davenport
Margaret Davidson
Rose Davis, Past President
Nan George
Amy Hobart
Rachel Hudson
Lauren Lucas Beuerlein
Hayley Shelton
Lacie Simonton
Joy Smith
Rachel Stephens
Allison Stites
Emily Taube
Rachel Thomas
Mary Margo Turner

Hattie DeWalt, Executive Director
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2  0  1  8
Mary Cypress Metz. Director

Jessica Bader, Director Elect

Anna Baker
Quennise Giles
Kelley Hess
Jessica Lim
Rebecca Lofty
Rachel Miklaszewski
Megan Milner

Margaret Behm
Sharon Bell 
Anne Brandt 
Angella Current 
Marian Harrison 
Janet Jernigan 
Pat Post 
Nancy Ransom
Jan Rosemergy 
May W. Shayne 
Susan W. Simons 
Judy Smith 
Mimi Wallace 
Gay Welch 
Susan Wiltshire 
Training Day 2014 "Getting Elected"