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Women In Numbers Contributes to Local Nonprofits
June 23, 2014
WIN announced today that it has presented $2,700 to The Girl Scouts of Middle TN and the Nashville Chapter of Girls Inc. Each of the organizations received $1,350 in proceeds from WIN's screening of Miss Representation. Read more.

A Special Thank You:
Kidbilly Music
The highlight of WIN's recent Board Retreat was Junior Board member Lauren Lucas' phenomenal guidance, expertise and encouragement in writing our very own WIN song. An ACM and Tony Award nominated songwriter, Lauren works with Kidbilly Music, a company that facilitates team building through songwriting. Kidbilly and their talented list of professional, award-winning songwriters have worked with clients from Microsoft to Walt Disney. If you or your company is looking for a unique, fun and effective team building activity for groups of all sizes, Kidbilly's services come highly recommended and WIN-endorsed!

Visit kidbillymusic.com for more info.

Recap: Sippin' in September at Jones Law Group rooftop in Nashville
Miss A
​Women in Numbers kicked off its first annual Sippin’ in September event this past Thursday, put on by the organization’s Junior Board members. Women and men of all ages gathered to network with one another, sip some wine and find out what WIN is all about. The event took place at the Jones Law Group rooftop patio, allowing for a night of conversation and fun looking out on downtown Nashville.

Female flag detail honors Women's Equality Day
U.S. Army
An all-female flag honors team raises the flag on Aug. 26, Women's Equality Day.

Lindy Boggs, longtime representative and champion of women, is dead at 97
New York Times
In 1997, President Bill Clinton appointed Mrs. Boggs ambassador to the Vatican. The post was known for its sober decorum, but Mrs. Boggs would have none of that. The morning after she arrived to take up the job, she was informed that she was to be seated that night at a table filled with nothing but cardinals. She mulled that over and said, “I think I’ll wear red."

Women in politics: Coverage focuses more on personality traits, less on issues, study finds
Huffington Post
New research examines the way the gender of a candidate affects newspaper coverage. The researchers concluded: "Races with a female candidate lead to news that is more focused on the personal traits and characteristics of the candidates, and this finding is especially stark for gubernatorial campaigns."

GOP launches programs to recruit more women
Washington Post
The National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Project GROW” (Growing Republican Opportunities for Women) aims to recruit women to run for political office and help them mount strong candidacies. The Republican State Leadership Committee, meanwhile, launched a program called “Right Women, Right Now” that pledges to recruit 300 new women to run at the state level. Both programs are part of the Republican National Committee’s just-announced “Women on the Right Unite” campaign, which oversees efforts to promote women by the top six national GOP political committees.
Carol Anne Costa: American politics needs women more than ever
"If you are tired of the gridlock, brinksmanship and disrespectful politics of our time, it can only change when women step up. We women must move each other to the halls of influence. Please ladies, I ask you to encourage the smart activist women in your life, to run and then donate money and time to help them win. It’s what the boys do!"

Lois DeBerry: Legislative pioneer, party leader and doughty fighter
Memphis Flyer
As the second African-American woman elected to the Tennessee General Assembly, the first female speaker pro tempore in the House, the longest-serving House member and speaker emeritus, Lois DeBerry was - in the words of Gov. Bill Haslam - "a history maker, a wonderful woman, a great legislator and a true friend."

White House journalist Helen Thomas remembered as a trailblazer
NBC News
"Helen was a pioneering journalist who, while adding more than her share of cracks to the glass ceiling, never failed to bring intensity and tenacity to her White House beat," said former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a statement. "Her work was extraordinary because of her intelligence, her lively spirit and great sense of humor, and most importantly her commitment to the role of a strong press in a healthy democracy."

Hillary Clinton: Why women must "dare to compete" in politics
Although electing a female president would, according to Clinton, require a “leap of faith” on the part of American voters, such an historic occasion also “really depends on women stepping up and subjecting themselves to the political process, which is very difficult,” admitted Clinton. She referenced former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who noted, “If women want to be in politics, they need to ‘grow skin as thick as a rhinoceros.’” “And I think there is still truth to that, so you have to step up, you have to dare to compete,” Clinton added.
WIN endorses council-at-large member Megan Barry for Mayor.  More...
June 23, 2014 | WIN Announces Next Round of 2014 Endorsements
July 16, 2015 | WIN Announces WIN Endorses 20 Candidates in Metro Nashville Election
August 20, 2015 | WIN Endorses Council-At-Large Member Megan Barry for Mayor in Sept. 10 Runoff